Tweaks for YouTube

Tweaks for YouTube

Browser Extension for YouTube and YouTube Music

Tweaks for YouTube - Turn video element into control surface, and 40+ more tweaks | Product Hunt
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Fast forward, rewind, navigate chapters, control volume, speed, and more (35+ actions) with an unlimited number of custom mouse and keyboard shortcuts. Use global keyboard shortcuts to control active video from any app.

Turn on the "Auto Gain" feature to balance sound levels across different videos by making quieter videos louder. One of the audio channels is quieter or missing? Just turn on the "Mono Mix". Use the "High Pass Filter" to make muddy audio with too much bass clearer. If the volume is still too low, there is a "Boost Volume" feature.

Make player controls always visible, hidden, visible only on mouse hover, or show only a minimalist progress bar. Auto-hide them in less than the default 3 seconds. Customize volume and time display, and base time on current playback rate.

Over 80 features available!